A Day in the Life: Street Art (Bushwick Collective), Breweries & a Michelin Star Restaurant in Brooklyn

No trip to NYC is complete without a day exploring Brooklyn. Brooklyn is known for its beer and street art, and if you’ve been following our blog, you know we love both. Living in NYC makes it so we have the pleasure of rotating beer and street art. Check out what’s currently in the streets of Brooklyn.

So, yes, we explore street art everywhere we go, but there’s a plethora of available street art in Brooklyn and Queens (not to mention one of our favorite beer tours!). We finally got some nice weather this weekend and spent a day wandering around East Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn. We went to three breweries, a great street art-inspired bar, checked out the current rotation of street art in East Williamsburg and Bushwick and finished the night with delicious food from a Michelin Star restaurant.

–The Breweries–

We checked out three great breweries in East Williamsburg/Bushwick: Interboro, Grimm and KCBC. We had never been to KCBC and really liked it! Interboro is the most gritty of the three. They serve interesting beers with lots of collabs and a basic set of food, but they’re not trying to be instagram worthy or anything they’re not. They’re a neighborhood brewery and they’re dang good at it.


Just two blocks from Interboro is Grimm. Now Grimm is trying to be instagramable. It’s a beautiful brewery and I would say their beer styles also cater to women. They have a lot of sours and fruit beers and I swear half their beers taste like candy. It’s always packed and it was no exception when we were there.


Grimm is still in East Williamsburg, while KCBC is in Bushwick. We were feelin the street art vibe, so we decided to head over there. KCBC (Kings County Brewers Collective) seems like an in between vibe from Grimm and Interboro. It’s sort of hardcore/metal, but also pretty and well designed inside. The beer is also more of a mix of tastes. We had a sour, an IPA and a stout. All very solid beers, and when it’s directly in the midst of the Bushwick Collective, it’s a must stop.


We should give an honorable mention here to the Well. It’s not a brewery, but they have lots of local beers (as well as beers from all over the place) and they’ve really embraced the street art culture. The Well is on Meserole near our favorite vegan diner Champs. Ah, I love this area!!

The Well

–Street Art–

Speaking of street art, no visit to Brooklyn is ever complete without checking out the current rotation of art in this area. Some of our favorite Brooklyn spots are on Stagg Street in East Williamsburg and the Bushwick Collective in Bushwick (of course). Here’s a flavoring of what they currently have on display.

Bushwick Collective

Stagg St. and Surrounding Area

I’m also a big fan of art that comes on vehicles. Check these out.


After we checked everything out, we went to Faro. Faro is a restaurant around the corner from KCBC and in the middle of all of this beautiful art. It is fairly unassuming on the inside.

A lot of restaurants are going with this minimalist style lately. Very trendy. Faro has a Michelin Star, and it’s not hard to understand why. The food was very good. I had a mushroom rotolo with burrata. It was so so good.

For dessert I had some sweet potato dish that was creamy, came on a short bread type biscuit and had a crumble on top. It was a little too fancy for me. It tasted good, but there was a lot going on. I’m more of a simple dessert person. They sell City of Saints coffee, which is one of my absolute favorite coffee places in NYC. Great dinner spot all around!

If you have a day to spend in Brooklyn, these are some of your best bets. Enjoy!

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We hope you enjoyed our story! It’s part of our A Day in the Life series where we chronicle our days and give folks an idea of what locals in NYC do to have fun. We’re always looking for new things to do and share!

10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Street Art (Bushwick Collective), Breweries & a Michelin Star Restaurant in Brooklyn

  1. I really loved all the photos of street art, especially the one of the flapper girl! I’m going to be in NYC next week and will definitely be on the hunt for the street art in Brooklyn.


  2. We love NYC and have spent more time in the last year exploring Brooklyn. We dont drink so the breweries aren’t our thing- but I would love to find some of this street art!!


  3. That’s a perfect weekend day to me. I love how much of the art is portrait based – I wonder if the artists are inspired by what has been shared around them. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pics. Being such a hub for breweries, I might even manage to get a coeliac-friendly beer there. 🙂


  4. Wow, there are some incredibly talented people doing street art in Brooklyn. I’d love to see some of it one day. We didn’t get a chance to explore the area on our trip to NYC but I think we will next time!


  5. Stunning is an understatement to describe this blog post. The art of display is of superlative degree. I enjoyed the read immensely!


  6. My mouthing was watering a little when i was reading about the brewery tour. I am not a fan of beer definitely the food side especially KCBC brewery. I prefer in between. I have not been over to Brooklyn when in NYC but it is on the list for next time. I love art so combing all this together is a great day out.


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