A Day in the Life: We’re Having a Baby!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

For a blog about our travels and Days in the Life, 2020 has been a real bust. We made it to San Diego in February 2020 and then life fell off a cliff. Our travel plans, our concert plans, our life experience plans, all upended the same as everyone else’s. We did venture out while cases were low. We went to Maine, to the Adirondacks, and to random campsites in Vermont and Connecticut. But the trips were few and far between and other life experiences outside of the spiraling abyss that is the internet were nil.

In the midst of the doldrums, dull depression and desolation, we got incredible, wonderful, life-altering news: WERE PREGNANT! By the time June’s hints of summer grace us once again, so will our baby girl! We’re excited, beside ourselves, and anxious as hell.

Confession: one of my early thoughts has been how COVID stole our last year to travel just us. We can’t wait to bring our little girl with us wherever the wind takes us, but we will sorely miss the spontaneity, romance and effortlessness of the last 20 years we’ve had to travel together. Twenty years is a lot and we are so thankful and grateful for it. But like everyone else, COVID took things from us and this is one we’re particularly sad about!

With my first parental guilt confession out of the way, I am so looking forward to raising a little traveler. I know she will get experiences so much earlier than her parents did! I’m collecting traveling tips for parents with young kids already. If you have a favorite blog I should follow, please leave me a comment!

I asked Neal to take a pic of my baby bump last night–18.5 weeks–and he accidentally took a vid 🤣 so I grabbed a screenshot.

We're having a baby!

I hope everyone else is finding a reason to celebrate the New Year, despite the giant hole the lack of travel in 2020 has left. We will see new places and get new experiences in 2021! Cheers!

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